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RSS Feed for Longer Posts

https://vladh.net now has its own RSS feed, and I’ve moved all longer-form posts there. This microblog will remain for shorter posts. Add https://vladh.net/index.xml to your RSS reader!


So far, I’ve only really posted infrequent manicured content on my website so I thought it would be nice to have a place to more regularly share random things as I work on them, even if this means having small silly posts. To avoid things getting lost in the noise, if a microblog post ends up being particularly good, I’ll promote it to a full website post.

People I follow like Drew DeVault and 100 rabbits have monthly “status updates”, but my updates currently aren’t organised enough for something like this.

One person I know who does something similar is Bill Wurtz with his “expert mode”. You’d think nobody would bother to look through an HTML document with a million tiny posts, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking at everthing Bill has done, even the random everyday bits.

I know this is what people normally use social media for, but the last thing I want to do is host everything I write on the website of a corporation that monetises outrage and bickering. There’s the Fediverse, but self-hosting feels nice.

Unlike content for my website or clumsy computer, the stuff on the microblog isn’t well-suited for teaching, and I don’t go out of my way to explain things so beginners can understand them. Honestly, I’ll probably post about things I don’t understand very well.

Overall, I’ll share things that brought me joy and helped me learn, whether related to programming or otherwise. Thanks for coming along on the ride. :)